nihiline: (love is in the air)

[my heart, that barless prison]

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Name:n. j. lemarchand
Birthdate:Aug 5
Location:the seventh circle of hell

Interests (87):

"what a tragedy", 80's horror movies, absinthe, airsoft, alien saga, architecture, black thirteen, blasphemous taglines, chaos theory, chuck bass, cotton candy, crispin glover, cthulhu, damon salvatore, death in the afternoon, dusty attics, eccentric clothing items, eccentric english gentlemen, equestrianism, extreme sports, f20.6, f32.3, f41.0, fairy tales, fast cars, firearms, flesh from bones, gender (unspecified), h.p. lovecraft, hellraiser, hemingway's dream, horror and gore, jasper hale, latin, laudanum, lemarchand's box, lila culpepper's scars, line of the eld, literature, long nights and smoky rooms, lord shaper, lovecraftian horror, lucifer morningstar, malfoy: the shadow ninja, movies, muay thai, murder mysteries, music, mythology, necronomicon, nil sine numine, old books, opium, pale skin and black nails, pyramid head, real-life slytherin pride, really old stuff, roland of gilead, rollercoasters, season of mists, seth meyers, sex and violence, sexy magicians, silas, silver and mercury poison, skeleton keys, sleeping, sleeping with your brother, sleepy afternoons, sylar, talking nerdy in bed, tattoos, thai boxing, the angel islington, the cthulhu mythos, the lament configuration, the man who was october, the murder of kurt cobain, the red-headed stygian triplet, the word ‘conundrum’, the yarrrrrrrrrrrrrrchives, things not changing, tonight and yesterday, train-induced sleepiness, traveling, trent's cryptic messages, ugly chicks get more dicks
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